Saturday, April 17, 2010

Le Château de Val - Bort-les-Orgues - France

(le Château de Val - 14/04/2010)

The castle and its chapel, seen from the other side of the Bort les Orgues lake.
Originally, the castle was overlooking the wide and deep Dordogne valley. In the 1950s, as France needed electricity, a dam was built downstream. Water engulfed the whole valley, including small villages and if the original project had been carried out, would have also destroyed the castle. Fortunately, it was preserved, but, being a property of the national electricity company (EDF GDF) was neglected for years and was falling in ruins. The municipality of Bort les Orgues purchased it for 1 Franc and restored it to its present state.

Exposition de peintures au Château de Val (14-04-2010)

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