Monday, July 14, 2008

Message of the Humming-bird

Once upon a time a fire started in the forest …
Nobody knew how, why, or who was the responsible, the fact is that the fire was spreading with such speed and power that became uncontrollable.
Frightful was its fury. In the distance, it was seen the terrible red black cloud advancing overwhelmingly over the trees, and heard the agonizing noises from the green sparkling in the impious flames burning the forest.
Even worse was the outcry of the animals, pushing themselves and running without direction, disturbed before the apocalyptical spectacle they were testifying:

“Save your selves! It is the fire, it is the end, we are lost”

Even more furious they were, in the middle of this chaos, when they saw the Humming bird. The little bird flied quickly until the river, harvested a little drop of water in its peak, and went to drip it on that immense fire. One after other, without stopping...
One of the animals screamed:

“ Small dull bird! You think that this little drop can extinguish the fire? Are you so stupid? Fly away, with these wings that you have! Save yourself! It is the end! “

Softly, the humble bird answered:

“I am doing my part! If each one of us, brothers and sisters, goes to the river, and harvest a little of water, we will stop the fire and save our home.”

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